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Metro Stars Gymnastics Kids


Metro Stars Gymnastics strives to provide a safe and exciting environment to introduce children to the world of gymnastics. Research demonstrates that children learn best through exploration. Through our specially designed classes, young children will have the opportunity to explore their physical abilities and the environment around them. Our focus will be the development of basic motor skills, balance, coordination, confidence, and social interaction. Through gymnastics, children can maximize their growth and development. Each of our recreational classes will target a specific age group. In the descriptions that follow, the goals and target audience of each class are outlined.
Children are initially placed in classes by age. As the child gains gymnastics experience and becomes familiar with the curriculum, they will progress through the program. It is essential to continually address the child's needs based not only on age, but also on the child's ability. It will be up to the discretion of the instructors if a child is to progress based upon ability rather than age.
Schedules for each class are provided with a brief description via the link on the left.