Party FAQs

What time should I arrive for my child's birthday party?

We ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the party start time. We will be taking care of everything and therefore there is no need to arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior.

What do I need to bring to the party?

Refreshments for your guests including treats and a drink, candles, and goody bags if you so choose.

What should children wear to a party at Metro Stars Gymnastics?

All children should wear loose, comfortable play-type clothing. Children are welcome to wear leotards. Please do not have your child wear jeans, belts, or dresses to the party. All activities will be done barefoot.

Can I drop my child off for a birthday party at Metro Stars?

You must sign a safety waiver prior to leaving your child at a party. Children must be potty trained and older than 3 to be left without an adult.

Can I go into the gym with my child during a birthday party?

Adults are welcome in the gym areas to observe the party activities. Children under 3 must have an adult assist them throughout the party for safety. Also, if you observe your young child struggling with activities you may be asked to assist. Adults are prohibited from using the equipment under all circumstances.

What is provided by Metro Stars for birthday parties?

At least 2 coaches are provided for every party. In addition to attentive and caring coaches your party includes invitations, all paper products, set-up, and clean-up of all party areas.

What if more children attend the party than I had RSVPed for?

Generally this is not an issue during parties, however it is possible, please refer to our party list below for additional fees. Please be aware that some party activities may need to be adjusted if the total number of children is vastly different.
• Fantastic Gymnastics parties include 12 children (including the birthday child) - additional children are $10.00 each
• Ninja Stars parties include 12 children (including the birthday child) - additional children are $10.00 each
• Rock Stars parties include 12 children (including the birthday child) - additional children are $15.00 each
• Birthday Bash party includes 18 children (including the birthday child) - additional children are $10.00 each

My child is 2 years old, can they participate in the party alone?

No, you must physically assist your child in all party activities. Most children of this age need one-on-one assistance during party activities to maintain safety and allow all the children at the party to have a good time.