Our Philosophy

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Like the star in our logo, we have five points to our teaching philosophy. This enables us to keep our focus on the heart of our business, your child.

Point One: Safety

Safety is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on the development of a safe and secure environment in which to train young children in the sport of gymnastics. All equipment is kept in pristine condition and safety checks are conducted daily. Additionally, instructors are safety certified and have CPR certification. We instill the smallest ratio of children to instructors in the Omaha Metro area to ensure the safety of your child during all classes.

Point Two: Development

Our curriculum was designed by an occupational therapist trained in the physical and cognitive development of young children. The curriculum allows for skill progressions keeping in mind the developmental stage of each child. Children will be provided with a “just-right” challenge allowing success while fostering skill growth.

Point Three: Customer Service

Gymnastics is our passion at MSG. We want every family that is involved with our program to have a positive experience. To that end we will do all we can to accommodate your family through flexible scheduling, answering all questions, and open communication about the progress of your young gymnast.

Point Four: Fun

We love our jobs at Metro Stars Gymnastics! Although we are proud of our solid curriculum, it would be nothing if we did not include some fun. We hope that every class is a great experience for your child. We know that gymnastics is a good for the body, but it is also good for your child’s social development. Through games, songs, and physical challenges, your child is sure to have a good time!

Point Five: Inclusive

Above all, we would love to see every child participate in the sport of gymnastics. At MSG, we will not allow any physical or mental challenges stand in the way of participation. We are thrilled to offer classes tailored to the special needs of every child.