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Like the star in our logo, we have five points to our teaching philosophy that focus on your child and the heart of what we do every day.

Child-focused development

Our curriculum was designed by an occupational therapist trained in children’s physical and cognitive development. It allows for skill progressions based on each child’s developmental stage, ensuring “just-right” challenges and fostering success. We lift them up and harness their drive by celebrating their enthusiasm, hard work, and achievements. As a result, children of all abilities become empowered, strong, and confident.

Safety of the gymnasts

Safety is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on developing a safe and secure environment to train young children in the sport of gymnastics. We ensure your child’s safety during all classes, from trained staff through state-of-the-art facilities to the equipment.

Customer Experience

Metro Stars Gymnastics Way is the Gold Standard for serving our athletes/guests. We commit to delivering exceptional experiences because our gymnasts and guests deserve it. To that end, we will do all we can to accommodate the families through flexible scheduling, answering all questions and keeping open communication about progress in the program.

Fun Experience 

Although we are proud of our solid curriculum, Metro Stars Gymnastics makes hard work enjoyable. We know that gymnastics is equally suitable for the physical and social development of the child, and we blend gymnastics with joy that empowers children to have fun.


Above all, we would love to see every child participate in the sport of gymnastics. At Metro Stars Gymnastics, we will not allow any physical or cognitive challenges to stand in the way of participation. We are thrilled to offer classes tailored to the needs of every child. We want the Metro Stars Community of gymnasts, their families, our coaches, and team members to come together, foster relationships, and experience they all belong to something big!

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