Metro Stars Online

Metro Stars Online

Are you practicing your Social Distancing? Are you stuck in your home? Have you watched everything on Disney+ and Netflix?! Then we've got something for you!!

Introducing Metro Stars Online, your one stop shop for physical activity, family play time, and best of all - gymnastics classes!! Our talented team has assembled a library full of fun filled classes for your entire family. We've got classes for your preschoolers, classes for kids with no gymnastics experience, and specialized classes for specific skills, like cartwheels and bridge kickovers. Your membership to Metro Stars Online includes unlimited access to our online library so you can enjoy classes on demand! To see what kind of classes are available, please take a peak at our ever expanding online library!

We've currently got two options to suit your needs

  • $25 for two weeks of unlimited classes
  • $40 for one month of unlimited classes

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